Stop The Violence Pittsburgh

Working to transform the conditions of Our Society


Starting in 2013, Stop the Violence Pittsburgh was established as a strategic effort to enrich the lives of African Americans in the City of Pittsburgh. It involves educating our community about the rich heritage of the African American people in Western Pennsylvania and promoting Programs and Events that work to stop serious violence in the region.

Stop the Violence Pittsburgh offers a clear view of the historical endurance of Black people in this region and their tenacity beginning with the Forty-two (42) Black Men who, in 1758, fought with General John Forbes among the “Green-coated Pennsylvania soldiers, Marylanders and Virginians, kilted Highlanders and scarlet-coated Royal Americans” to secure Fort Pitt and establish this City (see WPA History of the Negro in Pittsburgh); and to the Four (4) Free Black Men who, in1787, signed the Petition sent to the Pennsylvania General Assembly to make Allegheny County in Western Pennsylvania (Id.) and further provides a platform that shines a light on today's inequities and injustice which calls for solutions.  

Finally, Our organization provides a beacon of inspiration as we celebrate each step towards a destiny of prosperity, freedom, justice and peace. 


Stop the Violence Pittsburgh

Working to elevating our culture, history and heritage

                          We are grateful for all past, present and future sponsors 



Join Stop the Violence Pittsburgh movement by getting involved in one of our change vehicles. 


You can be a sponsor of an event.  You may be a participant of our annual Juneteenth event.  You may volunteer time.  Help us create a legacy that will strengthen Pittsburgh's African American community.   Be sure to provide us with your contact information so we can keep you inform of our Upcoming Events.  


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