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In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation
ending slavery in American. In December 1865 Congress passes the 13th
Amendment formally ending the instution of slavery throughout the United States.
However, slavery still existed in various states in the union. In June, 1865, Union
General Gordon Granger led federal troops to Galveston, Texas to announce that
the Civil War had ended, and that Africans had been set free. From this date, the
African American Celebration of JUNETEENTH-Freedom or Independence Day,
JUNETEENTH is now celebrated in 47 states across America, and, in 2019,
JUNETEENTH became a state holiday in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Pittsburgh's Jubilee/JUNETEENTH Parade Celebration.
In 1870, the United States Congress ratified the 15th Amendment granting Black
Men the Right to Vote.
On April 26th, 1870, the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Equal Rights
League (the first and oldest human rights organization dedicated to the liberation
of Black people in the United States, circa1864-1921), organized the Jubilee of
Freemen Parade in Pittsburgh to celebrate passage of the 15th Amendment.
Since 2016, in honor of the original Parade and to kick-off Our JUNETEENTH
Celebration, we have promoted a re-enactment of the Jubilee of Freemen
Parade with USCT Re-enactors, Military Units, Social groups, Religious
organizations, students, civic leaders, marching bands, Frats and Sororities,
community organizations and citizens.
Our Mission
In 2019, the University of Pittsburgh issue a Report highlighting the living
conditions for Black people in Pittsburgh. Some key findings of the report where
that health, education, incarceration rates, employment, mortality rates where
disproportion to other cities and that a Black person, by merely moving to another
city in the U.S., that person would automatically raise the level of their life
expectancy, their income would go up, their educational opportunities for their
children would go up and they would see a better quality of life.


It is our mission to serve the community. We believe that through the promotion

of JUNETEENTH and other Black events, we help raise the educational and cultural awareness of the community; that we help the economic development of local businesses; that we help to develop the self-esteem and cultural confidence of our youth; and that with these Programs we built unity and curve violence in our communities.




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